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Thor – The Dark World

Fans of post-credits stings rejoice. For Thor: The Dark World boasts not one, not three, but two of the suckers, with one coming right at the end, so you even have time to nip out for a loo break before rushing back ...

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Gravity Review

We can only imagine what it must have been like for the lucky audiences who first saw the films of Georges Méliès. An illusionist who brought his talent for visual trickery to the screen in films such as Voyage To The ...

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Grown Ups 2 Review

Avant-garde genius or laziest film-maker alive? When it’s Adam Sandler, who knows.   Maybe he woke up one morning and said to himself “hey, I reckon I could make a movie with no story whatsoever”; maybe he just got halfway ...

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The Butler Review

If the African-American director Lee Daniels worked in Bollywood he would be known as a maker of “masala” films, those that aim to please a wide audience by combining elements from every genre. His breakout success, Precious, told the horrific story ...

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Elysium Review

Neill Blomkamp has followed his much admired District 9 with another sci-fi apartheid parable whose dystopian design is at first startling and brilliant, but sags into being a shoot-’em-up spectacular in which ideas are irrelevant. A century from now, Los ...

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The Wolverine Review

With his return to the title role of The Wolverine for the sixth time (with a seventh film now shooting), Hugh Jackman has proven that there’s plenty of life left in the most famous X-Man. Unburdened by the type of reservations or fears that ...

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